Sunday, August 22, 2010

Summer's Last Hours

These are your last hours "Ole Summer of 2010"....It's been amazing and it's been awful, right, Rinda ? Tomorrow marks Day 75 since your 18th birthday. Today marks two long months since your boyfriend, S. left for the military. I know that must be hard for you. You've been separated from your loved ones far too much already in your short life, my heart breaks for you, having to miss someone every minute of every day. It is emotionally exhausting. I hope you are doing well and feeling strong. Today marks the last day before school starts. I don't know your plans as far as if you are going to return to school or not. I don't know if you are going to work full time or get a GED certificate instead. Whatever you do I hope you are doing what is right for you instead of what others want you to do. Only you know your true heart. However, I do know that your BFF since 3rd grade V. has moved away to college as have a number of your other very good friends and fellow classmates. The Seniors of 2010 are on the move now. Tonight V. is preparing for her first day of college in just a matter of hours. I'm sure you are happy for her as I am, but it is bittersweet to think of how wrong plans can go. Ten years ago we imagined you and her as college room-mates. Oh, my sweet Rinda, whatever road you are on, I wish you well. Even if your journey is not taking you to where we imagined back when you were little, as long as you are safe, healthy and happy, then it is easier to live with the fact that we do not exist in your world. Hope you are enjoying the last hours of the last summer of your childhood. Because tomorrow school starts and college starts and it's now time to go to live in the real world. It was a beautiful sunset this evening Rinda and I thought of you !!!!

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